Poly Aluminum Chloride 31% (PAC)

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Poly Aluminum Chloride 31% (PAC) – lemon yellow

Product details

Chemical name: Poly Aluminum Chloride 31% acronym  chemistry PAC

Origin : China and India

Specifications: 25kg/bag

External inspection : lemon yellow powder, dark yellow completely soluble in water


Currently chemicals Poly Aluminum Chloride 31% (PAC) more and more widely used compared to aluminum sulfate alum because of its flocculation and sedimentation efficiency, which is 4-5 times higher than that of aluminum sulfate, but causes less pH change in water compared to other types of water. Other common chemicals with economic efficiency should be used in many industries such as wastewater treatment in textile dyeing and paper ..., domestic water, swimming pool water, aquaculture...

Chemistry Poly Aluminum Chloride 31% (PAC) There are two types of flocculation and flocculation

-With flocculation auxiliaries: after using chemicals in ponds and lakes, all sediment will be completely settled on the bottom of the lake, depending on the user and the amount of waste that the user can use a vacuum cleaner. to clean the residue

-With flocculation flocculation: the user can use a tool to pick up the residues to clean the pond, but depending on the purpose of use, the user chooses the right product.

However, today most users choose Poly Aluminum Chloride 31% (PAC) Submergence support for convenience, less time and effort as well as aesthetics.

Note: when using Poly Aluminum Chloride 31% (PAC) For domestic water treatment, users should find a reputable supplier to have quality products because it will cause many health consequences. After purifying water with chemicals, when drinking, we should boil it. Boil or disinfect water according to the dosage instructions.

Preserve: Sealed, keep in a dry place to avoid moisture for long-term storage

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